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Pure Wool

Pure Wool is 100% wool, produced by sheep. As it is pure, so it keeps you warm. Pure wool is natural, sun safe, sustainable, renewable, easy care and high effective insulating material. Pure wool clothing is warm and long-lasting, but it requires a certain amount of care. The temperature of the wash water should not be hot. Wool should not be left to soak in water of any temperature. Clothes made of wool should be dried flat and never wrung out, twisted or put into a dryer.

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Lamb's Wool

Lambswool is considered to be the highest quality sheep's wool on the market. This is warmer, a bit itchier, and tends to drape and hold its shape better. The main distinction of lambswool is its “virgin” status. Harvested at the first shearing of a seven-month-old lamb, it has incredible spinning qualities allowing for truly beautiful knits. It contain lanolin, which has antibacterial properties to keep you fresh as a daisy. An incredible warmth-to-weight ratio provides warmth while wicking moisture away from your skin thanks to naturally occurring moisture repellant properties.

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Blend Wool

Blend wool is a mixture of Acrylic & Wool in the ratio of approx 70:30. It has very good shaped retention and durability. It’s having easy to care and quick dry properties. It offers natural appearance and luxurious feel.

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Wool Blend

Wool Blend is a mixture of Wool & Acrylic in the ratio of approx 55:45. Since it keeps you warm as it has wool in major portion. It also offers natural appearance and luxurious feel. Acrylic keeps it in good shape. We offer a number of style in Wool Blend with rich colors

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