Peach Printed Round Neck T-Shirt


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Wool produced from merino sheep, is finer than wool produced from other breeds and Benefits of merino wool are natural breathability, comfortable to wear, softness, superior shine, UV protection, beautifully draped, versatile and easy care.

Angora is a fiber produced by Angora rabbit. Angora wool is extremely soft, lustrous, lightweight, durable, best heat retention, non odor absorbing, and having antiseptic properties.

Lamb's wool is produced from lambs; it is soft and lightweight with excellent insulating properties. It's breathable and regulates heat.

Pure Wool is 100% wool, produced by sheep. As it is 100% wool, it keeps you warm. Pure wool is natural, sun safe, sustainable, renewable, easy care and high effective insulating material.

Acrylic is manmade fabric. It is durable, wrinkle free, resistant to sunlight & fading, quick drying, soft and easy to clean fabric.

It is Blend of wool and acrylic, has very good shaped retention and durability. It's having easy to care and quick dry properties. It offers natural appearance and luxurious feel.

Cotton is manmade fabric. Cotton keeps the body in summer and warm in winter because it is a good conductor of heat. And it's a non allergenic natural fabric that doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

Mercerization is a treatment for cotton fabric that gives fabric or yarns a lustrous appearance and strengthens them, treated property gives stronger, smoother, and shinier than regular cotton.

Cotton's adaptability allows it to blend easily with most other fibers including synthetics such as polyester, Lycra and natural fibers like wool. Natural & synthetic fiber blend, Cotton & polyester blends combine the best of the properties of both fibers to provide a fabric that has easy care qualities with the comfort afforded by the moisture absorption characteristics of cotton.

Linen is a natural fabric. It is renowned for its spectacular durability and long life. Linen fabric is always considered as luxurious fabric. It always looks cool, crisp and attractive. It's having high absorbency with a feel of freshness.

It is s strong durable and natural fabric. It absorbs and releases moisture quickly thus allowing the fabric to “Breathe”. It keeps you warm.

Polyester is manmade fabric. It is strong durable and water resistant, resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkle free, retain pleats, creases and easy to clean.

It's structurally similar to cotton, have a high moisture regain. It doesn't shrink when heated. It is a very soft fabric too.

It known for its versatility, softness and comfort. It is the strongest natural fabric which makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. Satin Fabric can be wear in all seasons. It keeps shapes and drapes well.

Jersey is a knit fabric. It can be knitted with wool and non-wool. It has light weight, smooth, soft, long durability and draped properties.

? Fleece: - Fleece is an extremely durable fabric that not only holds in warmth but resists moisture and dries quickly. It is Light weight & soft and ability to wick moisture away from skin. The most amazing properties is its stability to insulate the body even when it is completely wet.

It is comfortable to wear, wicks away moisture when worn and simple to drape. It contributes to air flow on the body. It holds more starch than plain fabric, so produces a stiffer shirt front.

Product Details

Color Peach
Fabric Cotton Rich
Fit Slim
Pattern Printed
Sleeve Half Sleeve
Neck Round Neck

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Normal hand wash. Use only branded Detergent. Don't scrub
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